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Club people • April 2014

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My club
Kathryn Osborn

Blue Executive Club Member

HR consultant Kathryn Osborn on her travel plans, how she’d spend her Perfect Day and redeeming Avios for a summer holiday

Why did you join the Executive Club?
I joined just before I moved to Shanghai for a work secondment in 2010, as I knew I’d earn more Avios flying back and forth in Club. My parents are big BA flyers, so I flew with the airline from a young age. I used to be a Bronze Member when I was travelling frequently to China, but I became a Blue again when I moved back here because I didn’t earn as many Tier Points. 

Do you travel mostly for business or leisure?
Definitely for leisure now. My boyfriend and I just got back from a big trip where we visited five different countries in three weeks. We flew into South Africa then drove to Namibia. From there, we went to Australia and Vanuatu before flying home via Singapore.

What makes you choose to fly with BA?
My parents always flew with BA when we were younger, and I’ve always loved the quality of the service. My boyfriend also flies with BA for absolutely everything – long and short haul – so every flight I’ve been on in the last nine months has been with BA or a oneworld partner. 

What do you spend your Avios on?
I’ve redeemed Avios on wine and Champagne, but I’ve never spent them on travel. My boyfriend and I have just moved in together, so we’re looking to pool our Avios in a Household Account and then redeem them on a trip to Budapest in the summer.

What are your top tips for earning Avios?
If you’re doing a multi-sector trip, book as many connecting flights with oneworld partners. We booked our big trip through Flight Centre, but we asked them to make sure that all of our other flights were on partner airlines so we could still earn Avios. 


Redeem Avios on a long weekend in Budapest

Where’s next on your travel list?
We were looking at going away for a couple of weeks later in the year – either visiting Cambodia or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

What are your recommendations for your hometown?
I live in London, so if I have a stressful day, I like sitting by the river near Battersea Park – it’s a good place to go for a run, too.

Describe your Perfect Day
It would involve something active, such as kayaking down the Orange River in Namibia. You get up as the sun rises and kayak for the whole day, then you have food by the camp fire and go to bed early, sleeping in your own tent. It’s magical.

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