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The gear • December 2013

Wake up and smell your own coffee

Derek Adams, a British Airways Executive Club Member since January 2011, and regular contributor to T3 Magazine, The Sunday Times and the Device Squad, gives his take on a favourite travel gadget

Picture the scene… you’re in your hotel room, it’s the crack of dawn and the first thought that springs to mind is a decent cup of coffee. Do you make do by using the sachet of bland instant that you find beside the tea-making facilities? Or do you wait until you can find a café somewhere that serves a shot of real espresso at such an early hour?

The answer is neither, because somewhere in your luggage is a small, odd-looking, but ingenious, travel item that’s just the ticket to jolt you back into the land of the living.

At first glance, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid looks like a mini bicycle pump with a water reservoir and pressure gauge attached. And that’s essentially what it is. But, against all odds, this amazing gizmo produces an authentic espresso as rich, strong and flavoursome as anything served in the best coffee shops and cafés.


Get your caffeine fix to go with the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable coffee maker

It’s a doddle to operate, too. You simply fill the single-shot reservoir with boiling water, insert an espresso pod or a spoonful of your favourite blend of fine-ground coffee, seal the lid and apply hand-pump compressions until the gauge reaches its optimum pressure. Next you press the magic button and watch, thunderstruck, as a genuine espresso is dispensed, complete with mandatory crema.

Take this cool coffee kit anywhere with access to boiling water and you’ll never be without a proper morning fix again.

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