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Derek Adams


The gear • July 2016

Case study: the Bluesmart Carry-on

The new app-controlled Bluesmart case doesn’t just accommodate your holiday gear – it charges your mobile devices, weighs and locks itself, and even lets you know its whereabouts. Club techspert Derek Adams makes the case for it

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Lost and found

The Bluetooth-connected Bluesmart has a solution to the worry of losing your bag – a built-in GPS and 3G tracking system. If you go more than a certain distance from your bag, it locks itself and sends an alert to your phone. (It unlocks itself on your return.) Should it be picked up by the wrong person, or left on the train, you can trace it using the app’s map-based tracking service. This works exceptionally well, though a vibrating alert would be an advantage.

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Juice on the loose

Luggage with built-in mobile device charging capability isn’t new, but the Bluesmart performs the task better than most. It has two USB ports, plus a battery capable of replenishing a smartphone up to six times. Most international airport security staff will be familiar with this type of tech-filled case, but bear that in mind there may be some that aren’t yet.

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Weighing in

There’s a clear benefit to any piece of luggage with an incorporated weighing scale. With the Bluesmart you simply open the app, lift the case and read its weight on the screen. As with any digital, hand-held luggage scale, a steady hand is required for accuracy.

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Quality street

Built from lightweight polycarbonate, the Bluesmart absorbs knocks and bumps. And for a case so chock-full of tech, it’s not too weighty (4.26kgs). Design flourishes include smooth-rolling wheels, robust zippers, a comfortable extension handle, a pulsating blue LED strip and (perhaps best of all) a lockable magnetic flap that conceals protective sleeves for a 15-inch laptop and tablet – essential when passing through security.

The 34-litre interior, meanwhile, provides space for about three days of travel accoutrements. And, at 55 x 35.5 x 23cm, the Bluesmart meets most airlines’ cabin baggage requirements – including BA, of course.

The Bluesmart Carry-on (£350) is available from

Customers flying with BA on their next trip will notice three improvements to the BA app. A ‘quick check-in’ option allows users to check in for their flight with a couple of taps, while iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can now also use 3D Touch to access their upcoming bookings and Executive Club account – as well as booking a flight directly from the app icon. iPhone users will also soon be able to select their choice of movies to watch on upcoming journeys. 

To download the BA app, click here

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